Bouncepad customers have been asking for a dock and lock solution for what feels like an eternity. The central idea is that you get to use the tablet when docked, but also have the option to undock it and use it around your business. This solution should not cost more than the tablet itself, look like terror or require an MSc in Aerospace Engineering to operate.      

Our designers nailed that brief and ticked those boxes, and then some. Click is a beautiful and functional object, designed to fit discreetly in customer facing environments.

Click works with any tablet and sits freely on a counter. It can also get mounted if that works better. Click rotates 340° so it is great for screen sharing with customers. Alternatively, it can get mounted on a wall to save space.

Cable management and charging have been thoroughly considered on all user scenarios, as you would expect.

Dock your tablet and use it for POS or whatever application suits your business. Lock the dock to secure the tablet or leave it unlocked if you are more interested in quick release.

You can pair Click with Caddy to form an elegant POS solution that customers will be paying you compliments about.

Following on Eddy’s footsteps, we expect Click to launch an international career and get adopted by thousands of people in businesses big and small, all around the world. Simple, well-considered products that fulfil real user needs are destined to do well. Bon voyage Click!   

Click can be bought as a standalone product. Alternatively, it can be purchased a part of a bundle with Caddy. The product is compatible with all tablet and iPad models.

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Dock and Go

Du kannst dein Tablet einrasten lassen und mit einem Knopfdruck abdocken. Für zusätzliche Sicherheit kannst du die Schnellverriegelungstaste deaktivieren, indem du dein Tablet mit dem Schloss- und Schlüsselsystem einrastest.

Tablet Universal

Bindungsprobleme? Da Click mit allen gängigen Tablets kompatibel ist, musst du dich nicht auf ein bestimmtes Modell festlegen. Mit dem sicheren Klebepad kannst du jedes Tablet deiner Wahl

Multi-Solution Base

Du kannst Click mit dem Mikrosaugfuß an der Theke befestigen, es an der Wand oder am Schreibtisch anbringen oder mit einem Kensington-Sicherheitsschloss verbinden. Click deckt alle Bereiche ab.

Sanftes Drehen

Der Klick lässt sich um 340° drehen und ist daher ideal für die gemeinsame Nutzung des Bildschirms mit Kunden.


Das unkomplizierte Kabelmanagement sorgt für einen aufgeräumten Arbeitsplatz, auch wenn das Tablet abgedockt ist.