Bouncepad customers have been asking for a dock and lock solution for what feels like an eternity. The central idea is that you get to use the tablet when docked, but also have the option to undock it and use it around your business. This solution should not cost more than the tablet itself, look like terror or require an MSc in Aerospace Engineering to operate.      

Our designers nailed that brief and ticked those boxes, and then some. Click is a beautiful and functional object, designed to fit discreetly in customer facing environments.

Click works with any tablet and sits freely on a counter. It can also get mounted if that works better. Click rotates 340° so it is great for screen sharing with customers. Alternatively, it can get mounted on a wall to save space.

Cable management and charging have been thoroughly considered on all user scenarios, as you would expect.

Dock your tablet and use it for POS or whatever application suits your business. Lock the dock to secure the tablet or leave it unlocked if you are more interested in quick release.

You can pair Click with Caddy to form an elegant POS solution that customers will be paying you compliments about.

Following on Eddy’s footsteps, we expect Click to launch an international career and get adopted by thousands of people in businesses big and small, all around the world. Simple, well-considered products that fulfil real user needs are destined to do well. Bon voyage Click!   

Click can be bought as a standalone product. Alternatively, it can be purchased a part of a bundle with Caddy. The product is compatible with all tablet and iPad models.

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Dock and Go

Clique sur ta tablette pour la mettre en place et la débloquer en appuyant sur un bouton. Pour plus de sécurité, désactive le bouton de déverrouillage rapide en verrouillant ta tablette avec son système de verrouillage et de clé.

Tablette universelle

Des problèmes d'engagement ? En étant compatible avec toutes les principales tablettes, Click n'a pas besoin d'être exclusif à un seul modèle. Utilise le tampon adhésif sécurisé pour intégrer n'importe quelle tablette de
ton choix.

Base multi-solution

Click se colle à ton comptoir avec sa base à micro-aspiration, se fixe à un mur ou à un bureau ou s'attache avec un verrou de sécurité de style Kensington. Click couvre toutes les bases.

Rotation en douceur

Click fait une rotation de 340°, c'est donc idéal pour le partage d'écran avec les clients.

Gestion intelligente des câbles

La gestion des câbles sans souci permet de garder ton comptoir bien rangé, même lorsque la tablette est désarrimée.