The making of Eddy

The birth of Bouncepad

In 2011, Bouncepad invented the tablet kiosk: A flexible, bendy stalk and secure case that allowed the tablet to ‘bounce’ around for movement and security. As Bouncepad gained experience and the tablet market grew, this soon evolved into the extensive Original Range. Today, we have 17 different products with over 3000 configurations, which allow for mounting on almost any surface with a variety of movements and features.

We’ve been the market leaders since the beginning – designing premium fit-for-purpose tablet enclosures is what we do best. We are now expanding our offering beyond our premium tablet enclosures and kiosks to develop tablet stands for POS solutions. We coupled this with a new design language to make our new products stand out from the crowd.

Along came Eddy

Eddy is our first foray into the world of tablet stands. As a product of intensive customer-centric research, Eddy is a flexible point of sale (POS) product for design conscious retail and hospitality environments. Although we are branching out of our comfort zone, Eddy isn’t miles away from our usual stomping ground. Engineered to be comfortable for users, beautiful to look at and secure, Eddy shares some commonalities with its predecessors in the Original Range.

Designed to help vendors accept payments with ease and sophistication, Eddy has a rotating base, screen angle adjustment and cable management features. Don’t let the slender form fool you, Eddy is durable, and multiple mounting options mean you can choose a security level that’s just right for you.

Making it: The design process

The first step for creating our debut tablet stand was defining what the market needed. To discover the biggest pain-points that current tablet stands do not address, the Bouncepad design team hit the bustling London high-streets and pop-up scene, to speak to independent business owners about what they really want from a tablet stand.

Informed by their fieldwork, the design team had gained an insight into what business owners wanted– a point of sale stand that was attractive, unobtrusive, secure, tablet universal and that took care of cable management. These were the foundations of Eddy.

With a brief in hand the design team set about developing our first secure tablet stand for point of sale. Through sketching and model making they explored a range of concepts that paired the required features with a bold yet refined appearance.

Taking their inspiration from new retail trends in the London pop-up scene, the team explored various colours, materials and finishes to develop a unique aesthetic for new Bouncepad products. The resulting 3 colourways, complete with a hand speckled base will perfectly compliment any modern retail interior.

The chosen concept was fine-tuned through in-house design engineering, prototyping and rigorous testing, to ensure the mechanisms (such as the tilt and rotate function) were up-to-scratch.

Finally, each component was engineered to be manufacture-ready before assembly right here in London.

Made from premium materials, custom finishes and high quality components, Eddy focusses on the details. This design-centric product was created to stand pride of place on the countertop, facilitating a smooth and seamless point of sale experience.

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