What is PoE?

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a technology which allows both data and power to pass along a single ethernet cable. Its commonly used in video conferencing rooms to power and connect all the required hardware. You can checkout our range of tablet Meeting Room Controllers here.

Benefits of PoE for tablets

When used with the right hardware, most tablets (including all current iPads) can make use of PoE. The key benefits are as follows:

1. Improved internet connection

Ordinarily, tablets rely on Wi-Fi or cellular data to connect to the internet but sometimes this can be inconsistent or slow. PoE creates a hardwired connection to your network for increased speed, security and reliability.

2. Long distance power cable

When powering a tablet with a USB cable you are limited to a maximum distance of 3 meters. In larger, open spaces it’s not always practical to place tablets 3 meters from a power outlet. However, when using PoE you can charge a tablet up to 100 meters away, giving maximum installation flexibility.

Considerations for your setup

Your network hardware and tablet brand will influence how you setup your PoE system. Below is diagram that illustrates the hardware setup followed by the key considerations which will affect the specific hardware required for your setup.

PoE Diagram

Network Switch

The most important thing to look at before you begin your PoE installation is your network switch. For our purposes, they can be split into in 3 common varieties:

1. Non-PoE Network Switch – (not recommended)

This provides several ports into which you can plug in an ethernet cable to connect a device such as a laptop to data. These ports are not powered and are therefore not recommended for your PoE setup. If this is your only option, it is possible to use this switch for a PoE setup by adding a separate PoE Injector to ‘inject’ power into your circuit (aswell as a PoE Adaptor). However, this comes with restrictions on cable length and ease of installation, so we recommend upgrading to one of the switches below.

2. 802.3af PoE Network Switch – (Bouncepad recommends)

As above, this will provide you with several data ports. However, some or all ports will be powered, allowing you to use a PoE Adaptor and make full use of all the benefits of PoE. The max output per port for 802.3af is 15.4W - this will charge any tablet.

3. 802.3at PoE+ Network Switch – (Fast charge option)

This product is exactly the same as the 802.3af PoE but each port can provide 25.5W. This will fast charge an iPad Pro or other high powered tablets.

Tablet Model and PoE adapter

Next, you need a way of physically connecting your tablet to the ethernet cable – this is taken care of by the PoE Adapter. The tablet that you are using will determine the PoE adapter you require.

1. Redpark Gigabit + PoE Adapter for iPad (L6-NETPOE)

This product is compatible with any iPad that has a Lightning port.

2. Belkin Ethernet + Power Adapter with Lightning Connector

Just like the Repark adaptor, Belkin offer a PoE compatible ethernet adaptor that works with any iPad that has a Lightning port.

3. PoE Texas GAT-USBC-PD-R2V2

This is our recommended PoE adaptor for USB-C setups, compatible with popular USB-C devices, including all iPads, Microsoft Surface Go and Samsung Tab A8 tablets alongside fast charge support.

4. PoE Texas GAF-Lightning-PD

This is our recommended PoE adaptor for Lightning setups, compatible with popular most iPads that have a Lightning port.

Tablet Enclosure

The majority of our tablet stands and kiosks are compatible with PoE, but one stands above the rest.

Designed from the ground up to house the PoE adaptor inside its die cast aluminium shell, the Bouncepad Link keeps your iPad secure, charged and connected. Ideal for the Zoom Meeting Room Controller App; with a continuous power supply, PoE compatibility, neat cable management, security features and commercial-grade construction.

Coupled with the right hardware as demonstrated below will ensure a hassle free PoE experience!

PoE setup

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    POE Compatible iPad Stand

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    POE Compatible iPad Stand

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