Why consumer iPad desk stands aren’t good for business

When using an iPad in a business setting, it’s important that you protect your investment. You need something that can prevent your tablet from theft, scratches and careless customers. In most cases, a consumer iPad desk stand isn’t good for this kind of use case. Designed for the use of one consumer means the iPad stand doesn’t have a chance of surviving when hundreds of customers a day are interacting with it.

When searching for the perfect tablet enclosure, it needs to tick a few crucial boxes. If your iPad is going to be in a customer-facing position it needs to be robust, and ideally, able to be left unsupervised.

It’s important to consider aspects such as movability, angle of the stand, height of the stand, and aesthetic design. Consider who will be interacting with your tablet and prioritize their needs, bearing in mind their pain points.

Consumer stands simply aren’t equipped to withstand the use and abuse of everyday life in a customer-facing position, especially within retail and hospitality. Designed for longevity, Bouncepads are made for businesses, and because of this, they last a lifetime. Not only are they robust, they are versatile, catering to a range of tablets and use cases.

Purchasing a consumer iPad desk stand won’t help keep your tablet safe from theft. Often these consumer products are tested for the home use of a single person. This means security is not at the forefront of their design. Buying an enclosure built for business use gives your iPad the best chance of survival.

If you’re space-conscious, it can be hard to find an enclosure that is sturdy enough but doesn’t take up a lot of surface space. Sitting low on the surface, the Desk is a great space-saving solution and is ideal for lining multiple in a row. Alternatively, the Swivel Desk is equally as space-conscious but, with its rotating mounting arm, is great for allowing smooth interaction between you and your customer.

Design and aesthetic are just as important to consider as functionality in many cases. Bouncepads are renowned for a sleek and beautiful design. Trusted by museums and galleries, Bouncepad iPad desk stands are approved and loved by businesses that specialize in aesthetics and design.

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