How to clean your Bouncepad

Bouncepad kiosks are designed to withstand rigorous use, demand and cleaning. As customer-facing products, we understand that kiosks need to be kept spick and span for the welfare of your employees and customers. The design and materials of our products are centred around easy use and up-keep, meaning they are easy to clean and maintain by anyone wishing to use them. Below, we outline three simple steps to keeping your enclosure germ and dirt free.

Depending on which Bouncepad you have and where it is positioned will slightly affect your cleaning procedure. If your kiosk is mounted or placed somewhere hard to reach, it might benefit you to remove it from the surface for this exercise. If possible, we recommend leaving your Bouncepad mounted to the surface as it’ll make cleaning easier and quicker.

Please follow your organization’s individual infection-control policies and the disinfectant chemical manufacturer’s instructions to determine how frequently you need to clean your kiosks.

1. To begin, unlock the Faceplate from your kiosk and remove the tablet. To clean your tablet, follow the recommended steps as per the manufacturer’s instructions – make sure you use a clean, lint-free cloth!

2. Apply an approved cleaning product to a sterile cloth or use wipes provided. Wipe all surfaces of the Bouncepad for the time required by the product. Avoid pouring excess liquid on any part of the kiosk and dry immediately with a sterile cloth. If there are any areas that are tricky to reach, use a cotton-tipped swab.

3. Place your tablet back into the Bouncepad and lock the Faceplate into position.

Download the PDF here for future use.

Approved Cleaning Products

AF Anti-Bac Sanitising Surface Wipes

AF Anti-bac+ Sanitising Screen Wipes

Wonder Wipes Multi-Use Cleaning Wipes

Clinell Universal Wipes Tub

Clinell Disinfectant Spray

Clinell Alcohol Wipes

Clinell Alcoholic 2% Chlorhexidine Device Wipes

Novus Plastic Cleaner