Pop-ups revitalise retail, now they’re doing the same for gyms

Millennials are health fanatics; drinking less and going to the gym more than any previous generation.

Unlike their baby-boomer predecessors, they switch the alcohol and drinking for avocado toast and a session at the gym. Their obesity rates are falling, they search out healthier food, and a massive 81% of them say they exercise regularly, according to Rally Fitness.

Americans spend more money on fitness than college tuition, a new study by Marketing Week suggests. Not only are they a generation fixated on health and well-being, they travel more than any other previous generation. Despite having less disposable income, they affluently spend on experiences. According to American Society of Travel Agents, in 2016 millennials took 44% more holidays and trips than the average baby boomer.

Orangetheory, a company which operates 1,000 gyms in 11 countries, is opening pop-ups in hotels to target these health-hungry travelers. The pop-ups last six months and allow the brand to dip its toe in brick and mortar spaces before committing to anything permanent. Kevin Keith, chief brand officer at Orangetheory, told Digiday he wants the franchise to be in hotels to “Provide current members with a gym to go to while they are on vacation…. We want to be where they are.”

The company also plans to test some of its emerging fitness technology before rolling it out in its permanent locations. For instance, current members of Orangetheory gyms use wearable tech to monitor their heart beat. You can read more about wearables here.

Keith also said the company is “Working on merging fitness with wellness by designing packages that would pair an Orangetheory class with other amentities at the hotel such as spa services.”

Three out of four millennials prefer experiences over things. Airbnb have caught on to this, displaying curated ‘experiences’ on its homepage before available homes. Orangetheory combining services to create an all-round seamless experience for its members is a sure way to win the hearts of its experience-obsessed millennial followers.