Master the best of both worlds with endless aisles

Make sure your customers never lose out – endless aisles can offer your entire product range with the smallest footprint possible, meaning you can increase your store turnover and reduce store costs. Does that sound too good to be true? Well it isn’t! Never worry about running out of sizes or colours again, endless aisles are here to save the day.

Endless aisles can be accessed by tablets controlled by employees, or an alternative popular option is self-service kiosks dotted around the space for customers to shop the range in their own time.

These changes help brick and mortar retailers keep up with their online competitors. With up-to-date inventory in-store and the ability to order items that aren’t available, customers never leave empty handed.

As consumers have quickly become accustomed to online shopping, they expect an in-store experience that mimics their online journey. Running out of stock or struggling to locate an item in-store can result in the loss of customers and a damaged reputation. Forrester found that a shocking 10% of retail sales are lost due to items not being in stock. Tablets equipped with full inventory lists and entire ranges can battle this by enabling sales assistants to order items to the store or straight to the customers home.

Bryan A. Pearson, president and CEO of LoyaltyOne – a marketing service – told Essential retail, “This is where retail is headed, and we are seeing examples developing across many retail categories.”

With no spatial restrictions, endless amounts of stock can be accessed at the touch of a finger. Say goodbye to the days of turning customers away as a result of running out of stock.