Command attention with the Bouncepad Floorstanding

The Bouncepad Floorstanding is a secure and elegant tablet kiosk designed for temporary and permanent installations. At 114cm, it stands tall and is the perfect size for standing users, commanding attention and inviting interaction.

You can place the Bouncepad Floorstanding wherever you like, making it perfect for temporary installations. The solid base prevents tipping, but it can be fixed to the floor for extra robustness. A secure power base allows you to hide your adaptor inside for continuous power. For an easily portable and cable free option, combine with a battery pack.

The Floorstanding is an extremely versatile product, designed with visitor management and feedback in mind. Its height and streamlined design make it stand out from the crowd which is great for use cases where the tablet needs to be easily visible.

Add-ons such as the Brother Printer Mount enable you to tailor the Floorstanding specifically to your needs. Alternatively, pair your Floorstanding with Faceplate Branding or Branding Boards at the checkout to get your message across from a distance.

Take a look at our case studies with Polette and Interactive Me to see the Floorstanding in action.


The Floorstanding is the solution to helping your tablet stand proud. Using a tablet for visitor sign-in helps to streamline the check-in process using consumer-friendly touch points. Ensuring customers can easily locate their check-in point is essential. Fixed in position, it stands straight and presents the tablet at the perfect angle for ergonomic interaction.

Tickets and coupons

The Brother Printer Mount add-on can be used to print off concert tickets at the entrance of the building. This can help queues move quicker and takes pressure off your staff. Alternatively, use the Floorstanding with Brother Printer Mount to print off customer coupons at your store. Incorporating these automated and self-serve facilities into a retail or hospitality environment will simplify and streamline the customer experience.


Presenting your content on a tablet can entice customers and help to draw attention to your feedback software. With one easy tap, they can submit feedback straight to you. Or opt for Avius’ new Gestures feedback and it just takes a simple thumbs up from passers-by.

A more streamlined solution might be necessary if you floor space is limited. Checkout the Floorstanding Slim.