Appy Time: Sign In App

Sign In App is a young and dynamic software development company that is fast becoming the go-to technology of choice in the global visitor management space.

All the technology is developed in-house, on-site (in their converted barn in the picturesque Northamptonshire countryside), by the firm’s homegrown technical team.

From launching in 2015, Sign In App has grown at an impressive rate and it’s easy to see why. Visitor registration has come a long way from tattered sign-in books at reception desks. This outdated approach is costly, timely and messy. Sign In App’s visitor management software paired with a Bouncepad enables customers to provide a professional and welcoming first impression to each of their visitors.

Sign In App ensures your business is GDPR compliant (by helping you hold critical information whilst also maintaining the privacy of your customers), reduces queue time, helps events run smoothly, allows staff sign in and monitoring of flexible working hours and streamlines educational institutions. It also enables you to have all your data in one easily accessible place which is crucial in cases of emergency.

The new contactless sign in feature is essential for maintaining social distancing in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic. “A secure, no-touch option for guests” which allows guests to scan the dynamic QR code (which changes frequently so it can’t be copied and used while offsite) which can be positioned anywhere on the screen and scanned in via their own personal mobile.

Sign In App is the modern and easy way to sign visitors in. Whether it’s for a trade show that needs printed badges, a school entrance that needs to scan a fob, a workplace that needs to log its employees or simply a hotel reception desk, Sign In App helps you to create the best first impression possible. See their website for more features and information:

Pair Sign In App with our elegant Bouncepad Floorstanding with Brother ® Printer Mount for seamless visitor registration.