Hus & Hem shows off ‘clean and modern’ POS system

Hus & Hem, which means “House and Home” in Swedish, is a Scandinavian-inspired store offering an array of bright and colourful homeware products. From beautiful candles to chic travel mugs, Hus & Hem spans two floors and has all aspects of interior décor covered. We spoke to Louise Little about her new favourite addition to the shop – the Bouncepad Eddy.

Having recently upgraded from on-site till management to managing everything on the Cloud, Hus & Hem uses an iPad for point of sale (POS). “Using Lightspeed for our EPOS system has streamlined everything,” Louise tells us.

“My colleague and I were instantly drawn to Eddy. We both searched for the right product and showed each other what we had discovered. Both of us had chosen the Bouncepad Eddy! It’s just miles ahead of anything else on the market, once we found it, we didn’t need to look anywhere else. It’s so neat and looks great.”

“The whole website is brilliant too. We are a design-led shop, so the whole website taps into what we like. It’s very clean and modern and the logo and design are great.”

Using the iPad for POS meant there were some physical requirements of the product. “I like the way it rotates. It’s really useful because we show customers if we have things in another colourway or if we have stock in the warehouse. Usually, they would have to come round the till, and we would show them on the Mac, but of course you don’t want to be doing that at the moment with Covid-19. Now, we can literally just swing it round and show them the screen.”

“I like the fact you know you can use the Allen Key to secure it in, but now we’ve got the acrylic screen up, you almost don’t have to worry about anyone snatching it. It is nice to be able to take it out and walk around the shop with the iPad. We can just pull it out and walk around. We can print labels by going upstairs and on the Lightspeed system we can just be tapping into the iPad and press print and then take it back down to be a till again. It gives you loads more flexibility.”

“I can’t fault Eddy, it’s fantastic. I will definitely be recommending it to people. It’s just a very neat bit of kit that does exactly what it’s supposed to do without any bells and whistles.”

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