Hop Vietnamese gets a digital upgrade

Hop Vietnamese is a quick service grab-and-go eatery designed for busy office workers. The first store was opened in Broadgate in 2015. They went on to open four more city-based locations over the following five years. During the pandemic, they decided to focus their energy on digitalizing their Broadgate branch with tablets. We spoke with Founder, Paul Hopper, about their custom Bouncepad products.

You’ve recently upgraded your Broadgate branch, could you tell us a bit about this project?

During the lockdown, we had a chance to pivot the operations model to a tech-focused model. We were planning on doing it anyway, but then Covid sped things up. We knew the new norm would mean less people coming into the restaurant. We needed something that involved less people but still allowed people to personalize their dishes.

We did a massive project over three months last year with Vita Mojo and completely digitalized the old business model. Doing this has allowed us to seamlessly integrate all of our processes from the way people order to delivery.

How did you discover Bouncepad?

We were looking for the right business to partner with on iPad kiosks and luckily came across you. We worked with Vita Mojo throughout this project and they highly recommended Bouncepad products.

What are you using the iPads for?

We use them as self-service kiosks front of house for customers to order from. We currently have 12 of them at the store.

Why did you choose Bouncepad?

When I saw the slick Bouncepad website for the first time, I could tell that this is your specialty. iPads are a domestic product which means it’s quite rare to see them in a commercial setting and make it work. That’s what you guys master. You clearly make a domestic product commercial through your products.

I was really impressed with the process of customizing our Bouncepad. The process was much easier than I expected and very reasonably priced. I also didn’t have to order a huge quantity of products.

My primary reason for going with Bouncepad was because I knew I needed something commercial but bespoke. Bouncepad easily seemed the best company for the job. As a small brand it’s often hard to get these things sorted but you guys were very communicative and willing to work together. Regardless of size, Bouncepad were massively open minded to creating a bespoke solution and worked closely with us to get an outcome we were happy with.

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