Smart cookies: British Biscuit Boutique goes Omnichannel

Baking is hot right now. With cupcake shops appearing on every high street and the Great British Bake Off beating X-Factor in the ratings wars, the appetite of the UK public seems insatiable.

Biscuiteers appeals to this love of traditional baked goods with a thoroughly modern business model – letting consumers send beautifully hand-iced biscuits to their loved ones with a few quick clicks of the mouse.

The purveyor of tea-dunking treats started life as an online only business but put the icing on the biscuit in 2012 by opening the Biscuit Boutique and Icing Café in London’s Notting Hill. With a large proportion of their sales coming from shoppers buying biscuits as gifts, making an emotional connection was essential to the success of the Biscuiteers brand.

The store was conceived as a celebratory destination for customers to enjoy afternoon tea, host parties and of course hone their icing skills. The Biscuiteers team create an entire experience around their products, promoting brand affection, driving word of mouth recommendations and providing new opportunities for revenue.

True to their digital roots, Biscuiteers were quick to harness this goodwill and convert Biscuit Boutique visitors into online shoppers. Tablets are central to the store concept; showcasing the entire range, allowing customers to send a biscuit based gift from the store and enticing sweet-toothed shoppers to signup for further promotions.

To protect the tablets from all those sticky fingers and complement the elegant decor, Biscuiteers chose to install Bouncepad’s tablet display system. The Wallmount model was chosen as a space saving solution, which allowed customers to take a seat, relax and browse the online store.

For the Biscuiteers team, opening a physical store was about far more than showcasing their latest creations and attracting passing trade. Instead, they cemented their status as one of Britain’s most creative online brands by combining homely ambience and joyful experiences with a clear route to purchase. As biscuit maker Marion Berger explains.

“It’s nice to make people happy. With every order, the intention is to please people and spread the love.”