What is self-service?

Self-service is a form of automation used by retailers, restaurants, hotels and other businesses within the hospitality industry to speed up the process of handling customers. Using self-service kiosks, customers can scan items, check-in, click and collect or find information.

How will it help me create a better customer experience?

Self-service kiosks can take care of certain tasks quicker than employees could, meaning these people can be redeployed to roles that improve the customer experience elsewhere. Healthy fast food chain Tossed allows customers to order their personalized salad from self-service kiosks in-store. This means staff can be on the shop floor to welcome customers, offer recommendations and advice and act as an ambassador for the brand. It works – a study by Bouncepad in 2017, found that 75% of customers have a better experience if they can self-serve using tablets.

How can self-service help my business?

Implementing self-service means service can be quicker, reducing queue time and decreasing number of real-world car abandonment. Employees can then concentrate on driving sales and making sure your customers are happy. McDonald’s transformed its customer journey by rolling out self-service kiosks in all of its restaurants. Kellogg School of Management found this had a 7% reduction in service time and could increase market shares by as much as 3%.

Which Bouncepad product is best for self-service?

Desk: With the shortest stalk in the range, the Desk lies close to the surface. Angled at the perfect view for interaction, the Desk makes for a great self-service option for your customers.

Sumo: This is loved by McDonald’s for a reason. As the most secure enclosure out there, Sumo is designed to be installed and left alone. Perfect for high traffic environments and unsupervised spaces, this enclosure is beautiful yet robust and has a unique six-point locking systems makes it totally theft-resistance.

Floorstanding: As an enclosure that commands attention, the Floorstanding is a great option for standing users. The weighted base prevents it from tipping and branding boards can be added to make sure your customers simply can’t miss it. We suggest the Floorstanding for a self-service check-in point. If you’re conscious about space, the Wallmount is also a great option for this use case.

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