The Making of The Bouncepad Wing

The Bouncepad Wing is our new tablet, and iPad floor stand designed from the ground up to offer maximum space for your branding and messaging. It's an eye-catching kiosk that commands attention, making it perfect for car showrooms, exhibitions, and trade shows. The large flat surface area coupled with our magnetic Branding Panels allow you to customize the floor stand with your branding and messaging. Need to change the messaging? No problem, remove and replace the Branding Panel with a new one!

The Wing is the fourth tablet, and iPad floor stand in our range developed by the Bouncepad design team. It's a product of customer-centric research, focusing on showrooms, exhibitions, and trade show environments.

Although visually different, The Bouncepad Wing isn't a far cry from our Original Range products. Designed to keep your tablet secure, withstand vigorous use, stand tall and be comfortable to use, the Bouncepad Wing is the big sister to our floor standing range of tablet and iPad kiosks.

The first step in creating the perfect floor standing kiosk was user research. The design team needed to determine the critical features for trade shows, exhibitions, and showrooms.

Speaking to customers, the public and working closely with a long-standing partner of ten years, TabletPro, our designers drafted a list of product features that the Wing needed to address. These features were then cross-referenced with existing products on the market to ensure that our take on this product archetype would stand out from the crowd.

The most important feature was branding. Customers wanted the kiosk to look at home within their branded space while also calling out to their customers with the proper messaging. Not only that, but they needed to have the ability to periodically change the branding, whether that be for a different exhibition or a new marketing campaign.

With this in mind, branding became integral to the design, and Wing was designed from the ground up for prominent branding with a seamless finish. The design team experimented with various print media and processes and found that magnetic sheets offered a hassle-free way to print, apply and replace custom branding.

From our research, we understood that being able to change the tablet's orientation between portrait and landscape was crucial to making this kiosk adaptable and reusable. The kiosk needed to be used again and again for different events. Therefore, we needed to design the Wing to quickly switch their tablet between portrait and landscape, based on the application they are using that day. The design team focused on making this switch as seamless and easy as possible without additional components.

With a large kiosk like the Wing, the design team knew the packaging and portability of the product was important. To make the Wing as transportable as possible, they designed it to be flat-packed in three parts. This makes it easy to move around but also easy to assemble. This guarantees ease of use when reusing it for different events or simply for compact storage.

In addition to this, it needed to do everything you would expect a Bouncepad to do, cable management, security, robustness and a streamlined design.

With the product features set, our in-house design team completed rigorous testing and fine-tuning to ensure the Bouncepad Wing was up-to-scratch. Multiple full-size cardboard models were made to gauge the size, angles, and usability before committing to metal models.

Taking the learnings from the cardboard models, the design team worked with our supplier, an expert in sheet metal fabrication, to turn these cardboard designs into sheet metal prototypes, developing the design over several iterations.

As with all new product development at Bouncepad, designing a product that is up to our other products' standards is a calculated process. First, our thorough research stage ensures we are creating a product that will solve user needs. Next, the testing and prototype stage of the design development helps to perfect design, size and usability. Finally, we combine what we know with what we discover to create the best tablet enclosures on the market.

This sleek tablet kiosk is crafted entirely from steel, finished with a Fine Texture Powdercoat for an elegant finish. It is available in black and white and comes in a standard and large size. The Standard Bouncepad Wing is compatible with the iPad 10.2, iPad Pro 11 inch, and the Large Bouncepad Wing is iPad Pro 12.9 inch. Both sizes of the Bouncepad Wing are priced at: GBP £395, EURO €445, USD $545 and CAD $645.

To learn more, read Introducing the Bouncepad Wing or pre-order here.