Should I buy a second-hand iPad?

iPads are one of the most popular tablets to use in a business setting, but as we know, they can be costly. Refurbished iPads bought from Apple’s official store, are a more affordable option – without having to sacrifice on quality.

Despite refurbished iPads technically being second-hand, they are so thoroughly renovated that they’re as good as new. It’s also possible that they have only been used once or twice, even not at all (if they were a display iPad).

What is the difference between new and refurbished?

If you order a reconditioned iPad you will receive it as though it’s brand new. That means the box, manual, new battery, new outer shell and one-year warranty.

All refurbished iPads have been tested to ensure full working condition. It can be almost impossible to tell that an iPad has been renovated. With replaced parts and extras such as the warranty, there really is little difference between one of these and a brand new one. Plus, there’s the added bonus of reusing and recycling.

As a retailer or small business in the hospitality industry, iPads are costly to buy in bulk. A reconditioned iPad can be a more comfortable compromise.

What iPad models can I buy from Apple's refurbished store?

Luckily Apple works quickly, meaning they have most current models available to buy second-hand.

Currently available are:

– iPad

– iPad Air 2

– iPad Pro 9.7"

– iPad Pro 10.5"

– iPad Pro 12.9"

– iPad mini 2

– iPad mini 4

Buying from Apple’s refurbished store gives you the best of both worlds; a tablet that’s as good as new, and the security of the warranty just in case it isn’t up to scratch. Not to mention the discounts on offer, which range from saving anywhere between £50 and £180.

When buying reconditioned iPads, the Apple store is your safest bet. But if you want to shop around there are lots of other options out there – just make sure to check the reviews and terms and conditions before purchase. Here are a few Apple alternatives:

Music Magpie

Quick Mobile Fix

Smart Cellular

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