mPOS: sell anywhere, anytime

E-commerce altered the way customers shop, making almost anything they want available to order at any time. Online shopping is convenient, efficient and there’s no queue at the cashier when you are ready to pay. To combat slowing retail activity, stores are introducing mobile point-of-sale systems, or mPOS, to inject some of that E-commerce efficiency into their brick-and-mortar presence.

What is mPOS?

mPOS is a smartphone, tablet, or dedicated wireless device that performs the functions of a cash register or ePOS terminal. It gives merchants the flexibility to accept payment anywhere, anytime and help them run their business more effectively. What are the key benefits?

Payment process:

– Sells anywhere, anytime: mPOS is a tool to facilitate the payment process and reduce transaction times. With this system, you can respond at the moment a customer is ready to make a purchase.

–Queue-busting: get the customer through the check-out process as efficiently and easily as possible to avoid customer dissatisfaction and lost sales due to long waits at the cashiers.

–Email receipts: physical receipts clutter up wallets and are easily lost. With a digital receipt, the customer can keep a record of their purchase and access it if needed (return, exchange, warranty…).

Customer assistance:

– Exceptional customer service: use a mPOS to help the customer get information about a product and close the sale on the spot. A sales consultant turns into a cashier and vice-versa. The system creates an opportunity to up-sell by suggesting other products during the transaction to drive higher revenues.

– Immediate assistance to a customer: MPOS can be used to check prices, inventory, which location has the item in stock or place an order if the item is not available.

– Collection of customers data with newsletter or promo subscribing options.

Hardware and security:

– Versatility: a mPOS system can be used as a cashier, return station or help desk.

– Easy to install and does not necessitate a huge investment in new systems, security or infrastructure.

– Improve security: the encrypted card data are not stored in the device so it reduces the risk of data breach.

These systems are revolutionising payment experiences and connecting retailers with customers in new ways by simplifying transactions for everyone involved.