Guest post: How to improve customer satisfaction in airports

There are many ways you can improve customer satisfaction in an airport. First, you need to measure it by collecting customer feedback to find insights on how to enhance the visitor experience.

If you travel through airports regularly you’ve probably seen different ways to give customer feedback. Either the smiley face button type, or you may have seen Bouncepad tablet kiosks gathering more useful feedback with tablet surveys such as Avius Surveys.

Whilst the smiley face buttons gather a satisfaction score, they can’t tell you why the respondent was unhappy or what you should do about it. However, survey devices provide a satisfaction score, the reason why they weren’t satisfied and how you can improve. As well as instant alerts when you receive negative feedback and details behind positive feedback.

There are lots of places you should monitor satisfaction and use insights to make improvements.


Install a survey kiosk at the exit of the toilets to monitor satisfaction and see trends of the busiest times so you can schedule cleaning times more effectively. Bouncepad’s wall-mounted kiosks are perfect in bathrooms as they’re easy to clean and they don’t take up a lot of space. Instant alerts notify the relevant team of any issues such as cleanliness problems and lack of supplies, so they can react to solve the issues quickly.

Image courtesy of Houston Airports


The restaurants and shops in the airport may be under their own brands but they still effect your customer’s overall experience. Real-time feedback and reporting makes it easy to spot when there’s an issue, without needing to be in the terminal at all times.

All Customer Touchpoints

If you collect feedback at every touchpoint of your customers journey through the airport you can improve their overall experience. Customer service, security, mobility assistance, airport lounges all feed into overall satisfaction. The better experience customers have at each point, the more likely they are to spend time and money in shops, restaurants, and to return to your airport.

Tips from the World’s Busiest Airport

Atlanta International Airport have been working with Avius to improve passenger satisfaction since 2017, and have done so by 14.5%. See their Director of Customer Experience talk about their experience and gives some tips.