Stems of Jedburgh enhances its vibrant shop with Eddy Green

Stems of Jedburgh is a vibrant, award-winning florist in the heart of Jedburgh. A self-proclaimed “Happy little shop with a great local reputation for quality flowers, plants and fantastic customer service.” Sarah has owned Stems since 2011 and recently purchased a green Bouncepad Eddy to bring some colour to her counter.

One Eddy is being used to display the Stems of Jedburgh website in store so they can access orders quickly and see which bouquet needs to be made next. “It’s also useful for when you’re on the phone to someone and need to find information quickly,” Sarah explains. The second iPad is used for a point-of-sale system.

“I wanted something that was quite sturdy, but that looked good. I like the fact you can lock it to the desk. Security isn’t as important to us, but it’s great having the option if we decide we would like to.”

Sarah discovered Bouncepad by a simple google search. “All the ones coming up were cheap and nasty! I wanted something decent. Something that would be sturdy and swivel around to show the customer the screen. There really weren’t many options that looked decent. Then I spotted Bouncepad and could immediately tell it was good quality.”

“I love the fact that it looks modern but not too over-the-top modern. I love the green – green is my colour! I wanted it to look quality because the customer is going to see it from their side, so I didn’t want it to look like a cheap thing. I was prepared to pay the money for something that would last.”

“It’s sturdy – I like the fact that you can use it with lots of different sized tablets. It’s great knowing that if we change our tablet, we don’t have to buy a new stand. When we are using it as a till, I like the fact that you can have the cable plugged in all the time but that it’s stored neatly so it doesn’t get in the way.”

“I love the cleanliness. It’s a very easy wipe over and then it’s clean. It’s nice and tidy. Especially in a florist shop, things get dirty so quickly so it’s great that it’s such an easy clean. I’m very pleased with them. I ordered one originally but when the first one arrived, I realized it was a bit of quality, so I went and ordered another one.”