What is clienteling?

Clienteling is gathering information and creating customer profiles. This allows you to establish long-term relationships with your customers based on data about their purchasing behaviour.

How will it help me create a better customer experience?

Clienteling improves operational function by providing employees with detailed information about your customers purchasing behaviour. This means they can deliver a more personalised shopping experience with tailored recommendations and therefore a greater level of customer service.

How can clienteling help my business?

Customer data can be collected by in-store self-service kiosks and can range from average spend to preferred colours to purchase history. Store employee apps can then deliver this information to staff so they can understand their customers better and offer tailored recommendations.

The overall goal being to increase customer lifetime value – the total net profit a company makes from a customer –, which makes it especially important for luxury retailers. By using this data you can provide a more one-on-one service, personalised to particular clients, giving them a totally tailored encounter when they enter your store. This gives you a big advantage over competitors and ultimately, drives sales.

Which Bouncepad product is best for clienteling?

Desk: With the shortest stalk in the range, the Desk lies close to the surface. Angled at the perfect view for interaction, the Desk makes for a great self-service option for your customers.

Flex:The Flex offers a full range of movement with a flexible stalk that can bend and twist to allow viewing at any angle. Built to last, the stalk is strong yet supple which makes this a versatile enclosure for a range of environments.