7 Ways Tablets Can Revitalise Retail

Increasingly, retailers are testing the waters of merging the online world with physical experience. Despite the accessibility and efficiency of online shopping, customers still want the opportunity to speak to sales assistants and the ability to try before they buy. However, retailers need to compete with the advances of the ever-improving online world.

Amid a technology-driven era, brick and mortar retailers have the chance to change with the times or get left behind. Focusing on improving customer experience, here are seven ways tablets can revitalise retail.

Limitless Stock

When competing for customers in retail efficiency is crucial. Customers leaving unsatisfied and empty handed is a thing of the past ­– as demonstrated by Canada’s La Maison Simons store. Recognising that customers travelled a long way to visit them, the fashion retailers knew they needed to up their game. La Maison Simons installed Bouncepad iPad kiosks, giving them that trump card over their competitors and enabling them to break through the boundaries of a simple shop space. Endless stock at the touch of a finger not only results in happy customers, but also means more products available with less square foot needed. It’s a win-win. Stores are also increasingly enrolling the use of iPad kiosks to operate a click-and-collect system, as shown in Zara’s brand new London-based pop-up store. The chairman and CEO of Zara’s parent company Inditex commented that this was “Another milestone in our strategy of integrating our stores with the online world.”

Personalised Products

Retailers do have something that e-commerce does not – the physical experience element. This physical encounter can be amplified and improved as much as possible to improve customer satisfaction – encouraging the customer to engage with the brand is a sure way to get that extra edge. By installing the elegant white Bouncepad iPad floor stand, Ralph Lauren achieved exactly this. Using an app, shoppers are empowered by being able to customise their own polo shirts. Not only does this mean their product is unique and personal to them, they also have an engaging and enjoyable experience creating it, increasing dwell time and customer satisfaction.

Practical POS

Mobile POS systems are improving customer service as well as convenience for employees. Installing Bouncepad iPad kiosks around the shop means there can be multiple points of payment. This helps retailers provide a seamless payment journey without the painful queueing or slow processor. Advanced mPOS systems can also deliver inventory intelligence and real-time data to retailers, so assistants on the shop floor can provide correct and up-to-date information to customers.

Dominating Displays

Together with drastically increasing productivity, embracing technology in brick and mortar retail is an intrinsic factor in forming highly-creative and eye-catching visual material. Digital displays enable brands to show dynamic imagery, interactive displays, infotainment and constantly changing digital signage to grab attention and increase dwell time. The exciting aspect of this visual captivation is increased footfall – dominating store floors with digital displays has an especially high impact because customers can immediately see and engage with them. Visual material including targeted adverts and information on products is a sure way to inspire and enhance customer experience.

Engage and Entertain

We’ve all experienced shopping with a companion who isn’t fully committed to the cause. Slowly, as the day goes on, they become tired and bored – but retail is changing, and this no longer needs to be the case. Increasingly, brands are installing lounge bars for these weary shopping partners. Equipped with Bouncepad iPad kiosks, customers can play games, watch videos and browse look books of the season’s latest trends. Encouraging engagement with user-friendly technology, shoppers are left relaxed and entertained while their companion continues to search for their perfect outfit. Tommy Hilfiger’s flagship store in Germany exercised this possibility, the IT director of their parent company PVH stated that “Bringing the digital brand into the store environment creates more touchpoints for the customer, increases dwell time, and makes for more engaged shoppers.”

Phone a Friend

Searching for the perfect outfit is never easy, especially if you’re shopping alone. Tommy Hilfiger found the perfect solution for these single shoppers. By installing Bouncepad’s wall mounted iPad kiosks into dressing rooms, customers could snap the perfect full-length photo and upload it straight to Instagram to get that much-valued second, third or tenth opinion. Photo booths not only increase dwell time and engagement with the brand but also encourages social sharing, spreading the efficiency and enjoyment experienced by the shopper. Offering this fresh and innovative addition to brick and mortar stores attracts customers in a personal and meaningful way and lends itself to the growing, multi-channel digital enhancement within retail.

Empowered Employees

Thanks to technology, demands for customer service have got higher and higher. Shoppers expect to receive friendly and polite interaction but more importantly, quick and efficient information to aid their experience. Installing iPad kiosks into a retail environment ensures employees are empowered with as much information as possible so they are never left without an answer. Access to information like up-to-date inventory, customer profiles, purchase history and wish lists mean they can drive more sales by serving personalised product recommendations. As well as giving the employee more time to focus on customer service and selling, it gives them the upper hand as they can informatively suggest products the shopper didn’t even know they needed.