How To: Coordinate your College with Tablets

Tablets have become an attractive device for educational institutions for many reasons; they are cheaper than other systems, easy to use, and practical to maintain.

Rolling out tablets and enclosures can improve the way your institution functions for both students and teachers.

Reliable Research Stations

Tablets are a great solution for information stations in lobbies and libraries. Whether it’s to find the location of a book, sign-in or search for a classroom, tablets can simply be installed in popular areas for visitors to use freely. Used in the past as research stations replacing PCs, tablets can be intuitively used, turned on quickly and are easy to protect against theft and vandalism with the help of Bouncepad. See our full range of cases here.

Take Control

The perfect addition to any institute; tablets are a highly customisable option for remote control of audio and visual technologies. Adaptable to non-technical users, tablets are user-friendly and can even make tech novices feel more comfortable – making them the ideal addition to spaces used by a variety of people.

Eliminating a lengthy training process, apps can be downloaded and upgraded at the swipe of a finger. But how can you protect your investment? In a high-traffic environment such as a lecture theatre or computer room, a robust and durable case is necessary to secure your tablet. Bouncepad have a broad range of fixed enclosures which stand tablets at an ergonomic angle and height for universal usage, whilst keeping them secure and safe.

No Ordinary Office

Paired with the right enclosure, a tablet can be the perfect addition to an administrative office or front desk. Easy to implement and simple to use, tablets can be installed with registers, timetables and other administrative applications to help everything run smoothly behind the scenes.