All about awareness: Interactive Me stands out from the crowd

Interactive Me is a three-year old company that provides a clinically-led service to patients with dementia in care homes. By re-creating a resident’s life-story into a “content rich digital profile that contains photos music, audio and text”, the person-centered care tool helps settle sufferers in moments of confusion.

Struggling with creating awareness for the product and service, Founder Sam Dondi-Smith began searching for options to improve visibility in care homes and foyers.

“The Bouncepad is a really good tool to help us build awareness.”– Sam Dondi-Smith, Founder of Interactive Me

Previously, using stand-alone tablets meant they were running out of battery and being abandoned. To counteract this, Interactive Me installed one Bouncepad Floorstanding into the lobby of a care home.

Increasing visibility in the foyers, the Floorstanding houses an iPad equipped with Interactive Me software.

This outlines the benefits of the product and gives people the opportunity to test the tool if they aren’t 100% aware of what it is.

“Posters are easily ignored, and digital signage can be expensive. Bouncepads fit nicely with our branding and how we want to perceive ourselves.”

“Bouncepad has got great products and it definitely fits our needs; it’s very modern looking, smart and something we can brand up and distribute in the homes we are working with.” – Sam Dondi-Smith, Founder of Interactive Me