A Quest for Success: Bouncepad Game Station at Kids Quest -

Tablets are a great way to improve practical aspects of businesses – like point of sale, assisted selling, and product guides – but they also have a lot to offer in more creative ways.

Digital signage, games, and augmented reality, given their interactive nature and ability to update on a regular basis, make the perfect addition to businesses in the entertainment industry.

With 19 centres dotted around the US, Kids Quest rely on tablets as a focal point of their play centres.

Installing user-friendly ‘iPad Stations’ in each one of their play centers, forward-thinking Kids Quest supplies visitors – all under the age of 12 – a place to sit and rest while being entertained.

Tablets are adaptable and efficient in this situation because they will be recognised by the children as devices they use all the time.

“We like to integrate tech gadgets, gizmos and video games into our centres as kids today are very familiar with them, and have a blast playing with them. Knowing that kids can sometimes be rough on toys, we needed to find a way to protect our investment on those items.” – Daniel Enfield – IT Hardware Support

Protected by Bouncepads, each iPad is equipped with fun and educational games; complimented by the flexible nature of the Flex model, the tablets have a full range of movement and can be displayed and used at any angle. The gymnastic movement paired with robust durability is exactly what makes it so perfect around kids.

“Bouncepads are durable, flexible and do exactly what we need which is why we have been using them for a number of years. Overall, we are really happy with the product and will continue to use them for the foreseeable future!” – Daniel Enfield – IT Hardware Support