Heathrow T2: The Queen’s Terminal gets a hi-tech facelift

Setting the standard for future airport design and cutting-edge technology integration, Heathrow Terminal 2 unveils its much-anticipated £2.5billion renovation. On 24th June, the Queen officially opened Terminal 2 (a.k.a ‘The Queen's Terminal’). Originally cutting the red tape to open T2 in 1955 at the age of just 29, check-in took place in large tents with wooden floors. How things have changed since then… Her Majesty was instead greeted by a bright and spacious open-plan layout at an immense 40,000 square metres, complete with specially commissioned sculptures and infused with the latest technology.

Even the most novice of jetsetters need not fear journeying through the expansive airport space. The design is focused on helping passengers easily navigate T2, with banks of tablet kiosks installed across the terminal to offer free WiFi and allow passengers to search for airport and flight information. As Kim Gray, Head of Retail Strategy points out, this will ensure that passengers are never more than five metres away from a source of flight information.

The successful completion of this prestigious project marks a new focus on ease of travel for customers, as Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin explains:

“The new terminal is a perfect example of cutting-edge technology and design that can combine to make the best use of capacity, to improve the passengers’ journey and experience… and to produce stunning architecture that further reinforces Heathrow’s reputation as a world class airport.”

The eye-catching Emergence lighting sculpture greets customers at The Caviar House & Prunier Seafood Bar, whilst tablet kiosks are provided at every seat to replace the traditional paper menu.

With an elegant aesthetic to match the modern environment of Heathrow T2, Bouncepad iPad kiosks were chosen as the most robust solution for securing the devices. Dotted around the entirety of the terminal, the focus on service design is clear. A smooth journey through T2 is created from start to finish, using a combination of intuitive layout and visibility of seating and information.

The advantages offered by technology extend to the terminal’s restaurant, shopping and currency facilities too.

"Emergence" for Caviar House & Prunier, London Heathrow Terminal 2 from Cinimod Studio on Vimeo.

A design facelift also transforms the customer experience at foreign exchange firm Moneycorp, innovatively transforming the traditional service counter into an open plan physical store format, built for exploring. This breaks down the barrier between cashier and customer, as Vanessa Schotes, the company's Head of Retail Marketing elaborates:

“The concept opens up the opportunity for a completely different communication with the customer and a completely different style of service”. We want to give people choices for how they can interact with us. It’s more of a hosted experience than a straight transactional one.”

Design created by branding agency BrandOpus.

From finding your gate to enjoying a glass of champagne, technology is now at the heart of the Airport experience. This trend follows on from numerous airports using iPads as digital touchpoints, with other Bouncepad projects including Gatwick, the Air France Lounge, British Airways Lounges, Dixon Retail, Virgin Atlantic Lounges and Norrköping Airport in Sweden.

Find out more about the Bouncepad range, ideal for use as tablet kiosks in airports.

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