The creative agency giving longevity to live events

Ten Thousand Hours is a creative events agency that works with clients in the tech, software and telecoms sectors. They look after a wide range of live, face-to-face event programs for clients. From conference events, to product launches, Ten Thousand Hours concentrates on projects that enhance or extend the life of live events.

These particular clients were high-profile trade exhibitors who had been attending the same trade show event for years, but didn’t feel satisfied with the outcome they were getting. Ten Thousand Hours set out to help them get more satisfaction from their stands.

Dominique Garner, Co-Founder of Ten Thousand Hours explained, “We tried to understand why they were going to this event and what the purpose was. They felt that as a big player in the industry, they were expected to be there. We questioned how they make sure people are engaging with them, how they qualify a conversation with somebody as fruitful and valuable and they follow up with people. It turns out they weren’t doing much of that.”

The creative agency explained that with a little more investment, the payoff could be substantial. The idea: to use it as a data-capture opportunity for them to learn more about the people they engage with and for them to generate some valuable data that they can then use for more meaningful and fruitful follow-up, post the event.

“We knew that people have a tolerance of about two minutes dwell time, and we knew we needed a way to engage people that was lightweight and non-committal. That’s always going to be some kind of technology and tablet solution. We designed and developed an application for our clients. It allowed people to engage in a series of questions that would then evaluate their own digital capabilities – our client is a digital software developer and wanted to establish how digitally savvy their audience are.”

“Delivered as a web app, this tablet-based solution meant visitors could fill out questions and receive a score as to how digital they were. We were able to capture that information about all the individual users. It was fun, lightweight, engaging and more importantly, it was then a very simple back end data download that allowed the marketers to understand a little more about their unique visitors.”

“The way that our app was designed is there is no sliding or security codes, you just tap the screen and it’s there. We needed a product that would enclose the tablet so no one can run off with it. We needed to secure it down to a surface and needed the product to be clever enough that I can put a power supply into it – for an exhibition it’s critically important to have the charging cable, you can’t have anything going down. That’s why I selected to buy a Bouncepad.”

“You get a lot of tablets and touch screens in the exhibition world, but what you don’t often get is people who have really thought about how you present the tablet. Often you get touch screens that are built into walls, so actually it isn’t clear if you should touch it or not. A Bouncepad is something that immediately presents the tablet – it says ‘hey, come up here and tap me’. It is designed for members of the public to come up and engage with it, that’s why I like the Bouncepad products so much.”

Image is taken from a separate case study.

“When it arrived at our office and I took the product out of the box, I just thought ‘this is the best thing ever, this is exactly what we need’. Adding in the little rubber inserts which just holds the tablet in beautifully. Then when you close the lid down there was no wobbling, everything was lined up beautifully and it looked lovely. Then when I built it on the stand as well it just made perfect sense – it was ideal for what we needed. It was weighty and good quality and just great. The client loved it, they are really, really chuffed.”

“Off the back of having invested in the design and development of an app, tablet and enclosure and having a phenomenally positive experience with it, they will continue to use this app, these tablets and this enclosure, time and time again.”

“The Bouncepad is a proper solution that is going to give longevity to these tablets – this tool that we have. The protection that the Bouncepad offers means our clients feel much more confident about a couple of hundred quid’s worth of tablets rather than them sort of floating and rolling around the desk. They are securely sat there, and they are able to use the tablets the whole time. It’s a real win-win.”

“I’m really happy with everything I’ve received from you guys. Price point was perfect, delivery was bang on time, the time that I spent talking with Tanya was really good – it was a great experience. I’m just sorry it was only five we bought from you. There will be others and I won’t hesitate for a moment to come back to Bouncepad again in the future.”