4 Ways Wall Mount iPads Are Helping Businesses

Tablet kiosks have helped business across the banking, hospitality, and retail industries securely use tablets in their physical store and office locations. Flexible and user-friendly, tablets give businesses the freedom to display content in a variety of unique – and impactful – installation environments.

The reason? It’s a proven, stable piece of technology, and the hardware costs associated with a tablet enclosure tend to be three to four times cheaper than a traditional kiosk.

This opens the door to creative installations like iPad wall mounts. Businesses can place tablets on walls that serve a specific purpose based on their location. Or, they can be strategically installed to increase customer engagement in a retail store.

Lately, we’ve been seeing more and more wall mounted tablet projects. Here are four ways wall mounted tablets are helping to increase productivity, as well as drive customer engagement and interaction.

Conference Room Booking

One of the more mundane – but necessary – tasks I had to master when I started working was booking conference rooms. We had six conference rooms and every meeting had to be scheduled or you’d out of luck. And if there was any confusion, our amazing Office Manager would print the schedule and tape it outside of every single door. You know, just as a gentle reminder.

Let that sink in for a minute. We chase Pokémon through cities on our smart phones, but some businesses still use paper to display conference room schedules. Silly.

Thank you, conference room booking systems. Tablet-based solutions like Robin help businesses quickly book meetings and manage schedules. Wall mounted tablet kiosks display room availability outside of a conference room, which reduces any conflicts. Additionally, employees can book meetings right at the door on a sleek and customisable application that syncs with your calendar, and even Slack!

Digital Signage

Digital signage is a great way for brands to bring their products and brand to life, in-store. Interactive and engaging displays using consumer-friendly touch points like tablet kiosks allows brands to contextualise their message, inspire purchases and deliver personalised experiences that can move the bottom line.

The big win with wall mounted tablet kiosks, aside from using a familiar piece of technology, is the form-factor. Yes, tablets are smaller than massive touch screen displays, which means a couple of things: 1) they take up less real estate in-store compared to a 54” screen; and 2) they cost less which means you can deploy more units across your entire store. These two points are important because it makes omnichannel projects more affordable and realistic for retail brands to rollout.

Fitting Rooms

Trying on clothes in a retail store has not traditionally been a convenient or seamless process. However, new technology solutions and tablets have become a fixture in fitting rooms, helping to transform them in way that delivers value both to retailers and consumers.

Macy’s installed tablets on the walls in some of their fitting rooms with Hointer’s technology platform. Customers can view different clothing options and styles on the tablets, pick what they’d like to try on and have those items delivered directly to the fitting room. While this provides customers with an incredible shopping experience, Macy’s is able to create more sales opportunities and capture useful customer data and insights.

We worked with Tommy Hilfiger recently to bring Bouncepad’s wall mounted iPad kiosks to the dressing rooms of their flagship store in Germany. Shoppers could share images of the clothing and styles they were trying on with friends and family via social media. Tommy Hilfiger’s social sharing element helped to increase dwell time for their shoppers and kept them more engaged while in-store.

Product Guides

Sometimes customers need a little nudge when making a purchase decision. Digital product guides provide customers with more in-depth information, which can help them make more confident purchase decisions.

Displaying in-depth product information in one place gives customers an opportunity to learn, compare and decide on what to purchase. This can be an extremely valuable tool for shoppers making a major purchase like a car, for example. Further, providing self-service stations for customers to educate themselves on a specific product or offering can help them move quicker through the purchase cycle.!

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